Those who arrived early last night for Game of Thrones were given a treat: the first full-length trailer for HBO’s upcoming series The Leftovers.

While few details had previously been known about the series (although there is source material out there, a novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta), things are now starting to come into better focus. What we know: one day, two percent of the world’s population simply vanishes into thin air, and the show focuses on those who have remained on earth in the years after.

A voice in the trailer warns that “some bad shit's coming and there's no getting around it. Grace period's over,” which it would seem is where the show will pick up. Based on the clips, it looks like we’ll be getting the standard HBO fare when it comes to “bad shit”: some nudity/sex, some substance abuse, and a whole healthy dose of violence. It also looks like there’s plenty of cult activity in there as well.

Knowing Damon Lindelof, there will probably be a ton of open-ended questions, so go ahead and brace yourselves for that now. Here’s hoping that he’s at least got a plan for answering them this time.

The Leftovers stars Justin Theroux (Wanderlust), and debuts on June 29 at 10 PM. Check out the trailer here:

[via The Hollywood Reporter]