SPOILER ALERT: At the end of last month's season finale of Girls, it was revealed that Hannah Horvath got into the University of Iowa's graduate writing program, one of the best writing schools in the country. With her relationship with Adam up in the air, fans questioned whether or not Hannah would actually be attending—and, now, it looks like we have our answer. According to Girls director Jesse Peretz in an interview with Vulture at the premiere for Steve Coogan's latest comedy, Alan Partridge, Girls will be filming some scenes in Iowa City next season.

"We are going to definitely go to Iowa City and we will be shooting some there...even if we can’t shoot on campus, we will shoot around campus. Most of the scenes don’t even take place on campus. So we’ll probably cheat some other campus for the campus. Some of it will be Iowa. A little more than a smidge." Peretz revealed.

Hannah in Iowa? Does that mean that the NYC cast will be forgotten for the season? Luckily, no—we'll still have lots of the other girls' misadventures to experience, including Marnie's cursed love life (which is in turmoil after she slept with the alluring musician Desi, who has a girlfriend named—wait for it—Clementine.)

"Desi is definitely coming back, that much I can tell you," Peretz said. "And Clementine will be back too."

A.K.A....expect more of this:

[via Vulture