Two men, one of whom is an MTA bus driver, have been arrested in convoluted international heroin smuggling case in New York City.

The Smoking Gun reports that Boubacar Traore touched down at JFK International Airport last Thursday after flying in from Tanzania. Customs agents discovered 3.5 kilos of heroin inside of his bag, prompting Traore to come clean about a smuggling operation he was tangled up in. 

In an attempt to save as much of his own ass as possible, Traore agreed to meet MTA bus driver Francis Abankwa at a Bronx bus stop. Court documents claim Abankwa, 50, allowed Traore to board his bus with the bag, and they reportedly discussed the ins and outs of drug trafficking during the ride.

When the bus reached its final destination, every passenger except for Traore exited the bus, and Abankwa returned to the depot. The duo were walking towards Abankwa's car when they were accosted by the feds, who arrested Abankwa as he carried the incriminating bag.

He's been jailed on drug and conspiracy charges, and though Traore faces similar charges, he's free—all because he snitched.

[via The Smoking Gun]

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