Volumes of blog posts have been written about the Golden Age of Drama that we're currently enjoying. Critics who talk about this era of TV are generally talking about white male anti-hero shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and now, True Detective. With increased demand for narrative programming and the ever growing list of platforms for shows, we're not only seeing increased demand for so-called prestige drama, but for all sorts of shows targeting different demographics. One major growth area over the last decade or so has been teen drama.

MTV, The CW, and ABC Family have led the charge of developing that space between cartoons and Rust Cohle, the home of new students, classroom lectures, and other-side-of-the-tracks romances. If you don't have a little sister to help you navigate these waters, the prospect of finding the right teen drama for you can be daunting. How do you find that perfect guilty pleasure show amid a sea of superficial, recycled "who will she take to the high school dance" stories?

We're here to help you make the most of your guilty pleasure viewing. We might even turn you on to a show or two you can enjoy guilt free. Parents just don't get it, but luckily, we do. Here is What Your Teen Show Guilty Pleasure Says About You.

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