Everyone remembers being a kid and watching teen shows. We couldn't wait to look like the 30-year-olds who were suppose to be 16, to have a drunken party with our best friends, and to finally go through puberty. We'd imagine moustaches and girls galore. We'd imagine a voice like Morgan Freeman when our boys finally dropped. We'd imagine a brick was our very own Zack Morris cell phone.

But the truth is, puberty, for girls and boys, is nothing like the things we learned from our favorite shows. Our childhood years were plagued with "a very special episode" that never happened. We were lied to our whole lives. High school is not just about leaning against lockers and looking cool, it's sitting in class and chemistry, like, science chemistry, not chemistry between you and your crush in homeroom.

Here's a list showing what we learned about puberty from the only source we trusted: television.

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