Whether your a Windows guy, or a Samsung fan, it isn't hard to at least find inspiration in Steve Jobs

The man was a quote factory, a solidified Silicon Valley Yoda Zen Master. So if you're in need of some inspiration in your life, Quoth Steve is the app for you.

“He inspires us to not accept the status quo, to strive for wonderful things and not just acceptable things,” said the app's co-creator, John Gill. ”There’s a lot of good nuggets of wisdom and interesting ways of looking at the world. Some of the technology ones are fun but the best quotes are more about life.”

“You sit at your desk at your boring job and get to tear off a sheet of paper and see the next quote — it’s a very small piece of Jobs, an inspiration at the beginning of your day,” John told Recode. ”For us, it’s about broadcasting him, so other people can experience some of his wisdom.”

Yet, Apple doesn't accept Steve Jobs-themed apps for the App Store, so in order to get this thing, you have to go into Safari on your iPhone, head to QuothSteve.com, and download the web app for free. 

[via Recode]