If you think it’s hard to be a spin-off to a great show, it’s even worse to be a spin-off of a show that only gets middling ratings to begin with. That’s the lesson the folks behind Once Upon a Time in Wonderland learned during the show’s first season. With very little fanfare from critics or the general audience, ABC has decided to cancel the series after just 13 episodes, according to IGN.

This Once Upon a Time spin-off focused on the adventures of Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice of Alice in Wonderland fame. However, the series never attracted the audience the studio expected. The show was originally meant to take Once Upon a Time’s Sunday time-slot during that series’ hiatus. Unfortunately, the network moved it up to a fall premiere on Thursdays, which is a day ABC has struggled with recently.

The final episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is slated to air on April 3.

[via IGN]