It's happening.

Kanye West and fiance Kim Kardashian have reportedly set a wedding date. The Daily Mail reports, via an article in Us Weekly, that the couple is planning to finally get hitched in Paris on May 24. Considering Kanye and Kim got engaged seven months ago in an expectantly grandiose fashion—at AT&T Park in San Francisco, ICYMI or have been living under a rock, etc.—so expect the wedding to be pretty huge. Specifically, the Daily Mail says: 

'Kanye is obsessed with creating moments, like he did with the baseball-stadium engagement,' a source told Life & Style.

'Now he's working on all these huge surprises for the wedding, but as a result she has virtually no idea what is going to happen at her own wedding. She's been kept in the dark about a lot of the details, and that doesn't make her happy.' [...]

'She'll have one dress change,' Us' source said. And the gown will reportedly hug her hard-won curves - the beauty lost 50 pounds after delivering daughter North in June.

As for their child, she will be there as well. A source revealed: 'North will have a large role in the wedding.'

Anyway, congrats to the couple!

[via Daily Mail]