Perhaps as an inevitability after the rise of Goat Simulator, a Portland-based indie developer is Kickstarting an appropriately Pacific Northwestern-animalistic exploration, Bear Simulator. The gist is pretty self-explanatory: Bear Simulator lets you be a bear. That means you roaming around the woods, catching trout with your paws, chasing prey and/or befriending other woodland critters. The game is described as being like a “mini-Skyrim, but you’re a bear” on its Kickstarter page.

Bear Simulator may sound like a joke (“you can’t honestly tell me you’ve never secretly wanted to be a bear wandering around the forest,” part of the KS description reads) but as of this writing it’s already hit raised $32,757 out of its target $29,500 with 25 days to go. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play a game about being a bear? Bears are f#$&ing awesome.

If you want to pledge to Bear Simulator’s campaign  – and you definitely should if you consider yourself to have a soul – you can do so at the link below.

[Via Kickstarter]