This summer is going to be packed full of superhero movies, but none of them are under more scrutiny than The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After a shaky first installment, a string of underwhelming trailers, and a movie seemingly overcrowded with villains, this highly-anticipated sequel looks like it can go either way. Thankfully Sony has released the first clip from the movie to give fans a closer look at what to expect when Spidey returns to theaters this May.

In this footage, Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) attempts to talk down Electro (Jamie Foxx), who is going on a rampage in Times Square. Instead of focusing on special effects and over-the-top action, the key to this scene is the unique relationship between these classic enemies.

If The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can focus on moments like this throughout the film, as opposed to CGI and fight scenes, it could be a surprising hit when it comes out on May 2.

[via Yahoo!]