Developers have complained that creating a solid singe-player and multiplayer game is too time and cost intensive for today's big-budget titles. So many upcoming games are leaning toward multiplayer only; such as titles like Titanfall. However others are going single-player only.

The Order: 1886 announced today that it will be just that. Although skipping over the multiplayer aspect entirely may not be a good idea. Generally multiplayer adds a lot of lifespan to a game and generally provides a counterbalance if the single-player experience turns out not being so great. But developer Ready at Dawn is taking the chance on its new Victorian era Werewolf shooter. Check out the reveal trailer from E3 last year below.

What do you think? Dig single-player only games or is multiplayer too big of an aspect to ignore, especially on a next-gen console made just for that?

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[Via Uproxx]