Video game adaptations usually don't turn out so well, but Dreamworks is looking to buck the trend with their upcoming film Need For Speed. Act of Valor director Scott Waugh is at the helm and leading the charge in front of the camera are Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, and Imogen Poots. That's a pretty impressive cast, but we'd be foolish not to mention the supporting players, who are equally as eye-catching.

Need for Speed also stars Michael Keaton and, even better, Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi. That's right, the rap superstar is gearing up for his biggest movie role to date. Cudder plays Benny, who, aside from being one of Tobey Marshall's (Paul) good friends, acts as the comedic relief, offering up some of the action flick's funnier moments.

In the exclusive clip above, you can get a taste of Cudi's comedic chops. It's brief but shows off most of the main cast with Cudi taking center-stage, calling the shots, and hinting at a possible scene-stealing performance.

Be sure to catch Need For Speed when it opens nationwide on March 14.

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