The free-to-play mutliplayer mech shooter Hawken is migrating over to Steam. The game has been on its own independent launcher and servers for over two years but is making the move onto the biggest online gaming platform around where more players are going to get sucked into the world of mech gaming.

Check out the video above of Hawken's latest update for some gameplay footage and a look at how players can customize their murder machines. Players who are already gaming will be moved over to the new servers in time for the game's scheduled February update. If you're looking to start playing Hawken now, you'll have to wait until it makes the move as account creation has been suspended.

"The reason we're approaching our release in this manner is so we can slowly ramp up to a full Steam launch," reads an update on the Hawken blog. "By the time our full February release is good to go, we want all of our existing users to have already made the transition over to Steam. This should help reduce the stress on our services immensely."

Afraid of what's going to happen to your lovely mech? Developer Adhesive Games has created a Steam Transition Guide for users. Hawken was never officially released and has been in open-beta since way back in 2012, but this move to Steam preludes the official launch later this year.

And because why not:


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