Google wants to make your smartphone smarter.

The company announced Project Tango, a new enterprise that pushes the limits of current gen smartphones. With the now prototype Android device, users will be able to map their surroundings just by moving around. The smartphone uses a motion tracking camera and a depth sensor that's inserted in its back, so when a users carries the device, the smartphone will detect the objects in front of them, and will create a 3D map of it. Before you ask, "why would I want my phone to do that?", Google is giving the technology to developers next month, so they can use their skills to answer the question.

Whether it be for new ways to play games, to create more detailed maps, or to send new modes of information to others, the technology could prove to be useful for you, as well as Google. "The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion," says Johnny Lee, Project Tango's leader.