Techland, the developer behind another big zombie shooter Dead Island, has a new free-running zombie smasher in the pipe for 2014; Dying Light.

If there is anything to be learned from recent zombie games, films and TV shows – like The Walking Dead – is that the zombie post-apocalypse brings out the best in people. Oh wait, make that the bloody worst. In this new trailer for Dying Light Techland teases at a story. The player is trapped in a quarantined city just two months after the outbreak and left to struggle to find a way out and how and if to save the other survivors they come across.

Dying Light isn't just a metaphor for the slowly seeping out of humanity for the few survivors who remain but also a stage of gameplay. Zombies react in different ways during the day and night. A zombie that's slowly walking towards you during the day can be easily cut down with a few swipes, but at night the same zombie must be taken apart or else it'll continue to attack.

Check out some gameplay footage from late last year during the Spike TV VGX Awards. Dying Light has no announced release date as of yet but will be coming to the PlayStation 3,4 and Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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[Via PlayStation Blog]