For the men who like to go out and not worry about texting their girlfriends (to their girlfriend's dismay), BroApp is going to help them from coming home to a pissed of bae.

BroApp for Android will send out scheduled texts to your girlfriend, to keep her from feeling neglected. “BroApp is a tool to help Bros out,” the company said. “We know that people are busy and sometimes forget to send enough love to their partners. We invented BroApp so that even if you forget to manually write a message, your love is still communicated. BroApp provides seamless relationship outsourcing.”

Once you select your girlfriend's contact information in the app, you can write a series of texts that you can schedule to be sent out at a specific day. The app itself will pick the time that the texts are sent: If you recently sent your girl a text, but had a text scheduled, then the app will wait—so she won't think anything is up. The app will also ask you to pick your girlfriend's Wi-Fi network, so scheduled texts won't be sent when you're at her house.

Also, if your girl tries to get into the app, it will bring up "a list of gifts you were 'planning to buy' her,” so she will be none the wiser. Unless she reads this article, that is.

Download it here.

[via Telegraph]

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