It's been roughly a week since Flappy Bird was taken off of the Apple App Store by its creator, Dong Nguyen. 

The game in question received a ton of criticism from "borrowing" design cues from Nintendo's old Mario games, and, outside of that, being incredibly hard. Nguyen said that he decided to take it down because he couldn't take all of the publicity the game was getting, and he felt the game itself had become too addictive. After it was removed, people tried to capitalize off of the game's popularity by selling iPhone's that had the game installed for hundreds or thousands of dollars, before those bids were taken down by eBay. But that would have been a complete waste of money, considering all of the Flappy Bird clones that are out there, which are essentially the same thing.

One of these people who decided to make a Flappy Bird-like game, Ken Carpenter of Mind Juice Media, had his app rejected because it was getting "leverage" from another app—in this case, Flappy Bird.

Though Flappy Bird is offline, other games have added "Flappy" to their names in order to show that they're similar in gameplay, such as “Flappy Bee,” “Flappy Plane,” “Flappy Super Hero."

Carpenter's game was rejected from Google as well.

Unless you're really eager to play the game on your smartphone, don't forget you can still play the game (along with hundreds of others at the same time) over at FlapMMO

[via TechCrunch].