A California elementary school teacher was arrested on Friday after she allegedly brought marijuana-infused food to a potluck dinner with her colleagues. 

After a six-week investigation, 47-year-old Teresa Gilmete Badger was arrested by the Benicia Police Department. According to a police statement, Badger, a teacher at Matthew Turner Elementary School in Benicia, Calif., brought the edibles to an after hours gathering at the end of November.

CNN reports that at least two of the attendees were rushed to the hospital due to severe reactions and at least one of them tested positive for THC. Authorities also say that a 15-year-old fell ill after one of the partygoers brought leftovers home from the party. 

Badger reportedly told others that she was responsible for bringing the edibles. She was taken to Solano County Jail where her bail was set at $15,000. As for her job, well, she probably doesn't have it anymore.

[via CNN]