Samsung is perfecting the art of beating people to the punch.

First it was beating Apple to an iWatch by launching the Galaxy Gear. Now, they might be trying to beat Google by releasing their own smart glasses. An anonymous source from the Korea Times says that Samsung is hoping to debut the device at the IFA Berlin show in September, and making their sales from early adopters who don't want to wait around for Google to release their product. 

The company was thought to have started work on their own smart glasses since last May, and presumably, the device will work similarly to Google Glass by connecting to users' smartphones to displaying texts, incoming calls, and other information.

This news would further put Apple behind in the wearable devices department, since rumors of the iWatch have been the only news surrounding any wearables from the company. Samsung's strategy of getting out their devices before Apple, regardless of the quality of said device, may give them a lead over its rivals that may be hard to overcome. Google may have to watch their backs (or rather, their heads).

[via The Verge]