You'd think that well over a decade after Pokémon master Ash Ketchum first started out on his initial journey he'd have given up (he'd be at least almost 30 by now), moved on or at least grown a little, but that apparently isn't the case with the Pokémon X/Y anime debuting this month on Cartoon Network. X/Y expectedly takes place in the game's Kalos region, meaning there's yet more Pokémon for him to capture, and whie this quick teaser shows off a couple new characters, it's likely that the show will be focused mostly on Ash, Pikachu and Team Rocket as it always has.

If nothing else, funny animals and the kind of comedic serial anime sensibilities that the Pokémon show has had for almost 17 years probably still makes for entertaining TV, but don't expect anything too new here. Then again, Pokémon itself has long been set in its ways, so it makes sense.

In any case, the Pokémon X/Y anime debuts on Cartoon Network January 18. No doubt Ash will have to catch them all all over again.

Via Youtube