Karma came back for former Ocoee Police Officer Shaun Whiting.

After meeting a woman on while on the job, the four-year veteran—who's married (for now) with two childrenwould have his co-conspirator call 911 so he could pick her up for sex romps at hotels and vacant police substations:

According to documents, the woman later requested a ride-along with Whitiing, and the department approved it.

Investigators said the two rode around together and eventually ended up at a police substation, where the woman performed a sex act on Whiting during work hours while he was in uniform.

This arrangement kept his employer in the dark about the actions until the woman's husband found out and told police, triggering an internal affairs investigation. Whiting resigned last summer in an attempt to keep the situation from going public, a move that obviously failed. Don't cheat on your spouse and don't abuse 911 in the process.

[via Gawker and WFTV]