There’s really no trick to making a good starting lineup when playing MyGM mode with a fantasy draft in NBA 2K14 (or Association mode if you’re talking about last-gen). With your first pick, you choose a player to build around and then you fill in each position on the floor with secondary and then complementary players. Once you hit the bench, you can either try to build through the draft or just pick the highest rated players available in hopes of rolling them for someone better once you get into the mode proper.

Where the true art comes in is signing free agents. If you play a non-fantasy version of MyGM, you’ll find there are plenty of players in the mid- and even high-70s to be signed while guys with overall ratings in the 60s are signed to multi-year deals. There’s a reason for this: A lot of those guys with ratings in the 60s are more useful than some with higher base ratings. A fantasy draft MyGM mode is your chance to sign some of those guys, and you’ll be surprised at how much they can bring.

Here, then, are the best free agent pickups likely to be available to you in MyGM or Association mode after a fantasy draft at every position: 3 point guards, 5 shooting guards, 6 small forwards, 5 power forwards and 7 centers . Keep in mind that with roster updates, ratings of individual skills are likely to fluctuate over the season, so take any actual numbers here with a grain of salt.

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