Be careful who you date, but also be careful of how you break up with them. An Illinois woman was taken into custody last week after orchestrating a series of potentially deadly boobytraps in her ex-boyfriend's home after he kicked her out.

Authorities say that 28-year-old Amanda Pollard lived with 33-year-old Joshua Brewster in Pekin, Ill. until Dec. 1, when he elected to phone 911 for help removing her from the premises. Though she agreed to leave, she returned the following day claiming that she wanted to pick up personal items, but threatened to burn the house down with him inside of it.

Sensing that his life may be in jeopardy, Brewster asked a friend to stop by the house the next day. Inside was Pollard, setting up her death traps, which included rat poison in his coffee and cereal, as well as an attempt to electrify his bed. That makes pissing in his mouthwash seem gentle. 

She wasn't even ashamed; she reportedly told Pollard's friend "Payback's a bitch." Ever vindictive, Pollard was charged with trespassing, tampering with food and damage to property. She remains in custody and will appear in court the day after Christmas.

[via Gawker]