It's been some time since the last NBA Live game came out, and the series has been hit by delays and cancellations. The newest game, NBA Live 14, is exclusive to next-gen consoles, so unfortunately we can only compare it to past NBA Live titles.

But the game's producer and executive producer, Ryan Ferwerda and Sean O'Brien, respectively, assured us that this game would not have been possible on the Xbox 360 and PS3. That's because they'll be updating it every single day with new player stats and tendencies, roster updates, new challenges, and new real-life games that can be played within the virtual NBA league.

"What really is unique is all the connected features that we have," Ferwerda said. "In this case we have 'live season,' which is really something we could only do with gen 4. Using that constantly updated data we have, we can actually go in and create challenges and moments from the actual league the night that they happen."