With the arrival of Marvel Studios and the forthcoming Batman/Superman flick, comic book fans everywhere are enjoying a Golden Age of superhero movies. Just a few years ago, comic book movies were seen as juvenile and campy, but now they are a multi-billion-dollar business with films that routinely shatter records and garner rave reviews. Most importantly, though, the producers, writers, and directors behind the camera are now all genuine fans of the source material; so much so that they regularly sprinkle in easter eggs to show their love that only longtime comic book fans will pick up on. 

The Marvel movies, in particular, have had prolific Easter eggs included in nearly every installment, and Thor: The Dark World is no different. We got a sneak peek at the movie earlier in the week and kept our eyes open to catch every nod and wink aimed at hardcore Marvelites so we could bring you our list of All The Easter Eggs To Look Out For In Thor: The Dark World. There are some serious SPOILERS ahead, so be warned.

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