This is no surprise considering how well The Best Man Holiday is doing at the box office (which is to say: Very well), but it's good to hear anyway: According to Vulture, The Best Man may soon turn into a trilogy, if all goes according to plan. In a new interview, star Morris Chestnut revealed that director/writer Malcolm D. Lee is already working on mapping out plots for another The Best Man film, and it's seeming likely that another film will happen in the near future.

From the interview:

If you were predict your character for the third Best Man what would you predict him to be doing?
Well I actually already know a little bit, I've talked to the writer-director Malcolm [D. Lee] ...

So you're confirming there will be a Best Man 3 then?
Well the people still have to speak. You know, when the people come and show that the movie's successful, then there will be a third. And [Malcolm D. Lee] is already breaking down some story lines for my character in the third movie. So I kind of already know a bit of what happens.

After opening this past Friday, The Best Man Holiday has earned a reported $30.5 million at the box office so far.

[via Vulture]