Feeling a little broke as the holiday season comes around? It suck, we know, but you'll probably end up spending some cash on a tech product for someone in the next few weeks.

If you want to know how much those tech companies are making, not this month, not this week, but right this second, head over to this website and it will calculate how much companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are making in the blink of an eye. You could be surprised at how much some of them are making, high or low, and some companies you probably haven't thought of in the past year are making more than a few of them that you use all the time. The site, set up by Happier.co.uk, will also calculate how much that company has made in the time you've spent on the site.

So, what company do you think is on top? Visit the site, here

[via Happier.co.uk]