Snapchat is getting so hot that it can turn down $3 billion from Facebook, but its lawsuit is what might be getting even hotter. Unfortunately, they might be getting burned in the process.

The company's two official co-founders are being sued by Reggie Brown, a third person who says he actually came up with the idea for Picaboo, the app we all know now as Snapchat. Brown says he was an important part of the founding of the company, helped design the first logo, pick out the original name, and get the app up on iTunes. The team of three moved into a house together once things started to pick up, but after a fight, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel kicked Reggie Brown out of the group—Eduardo Saverin style. Since the lawsuit was first initiated, texts, documents, and emails all point to Brown playing a bigger role at the company than what Spiegel and Murphy have led on. Spiegel has painted Brown as a guy who did have the idea for disappearing pictures, but not have the brains to execute the design. In an important part of the video, Spiegel admits that he and Brown go look for a coder together, and the lawyer specifically asked if he tried to discourage Brown from going, to which Spiegel responds, "no." This is important because it might show that they both needed each other at this point, rather than Brown solely needing Spiegel. Spiegel goes on to say that Brown may deserve some credit, and even some compensation, for his contributions.

The lawsuit is still going on, and now it seems there is more on the line than ever.