Air date: 3/20/2009

Few shows can sustain the dramatic tension that Battlestar Galactica managed throughout its four season run. Though the final season was given to strange mysticism that softened the show's usually lean action, through three quarters of the three part finale, it looked like Battlestar might have an ending for the ages. So much is resolved in the final episodes, culminating in the final assault on the Cylons.

Unfortunately, the execution falls off in the final minutes of the series, when the prophetic undertones of the rest of the season come home to roost. What had been a non-stop, pulse-pounding series ends on a contemplative, ponderous note. Religious, philosophical, and scientific moralizing overtake story in one of the stranger finales in recent memory. As "All Along the Watchtower" plays and cartoonish robots fill our screen, you just wish that the series had ended fifteen minutes earlier and that the creators had trusted the thematic strength of their earlier work.