Maybe Ray Kelly should speak for himself.

After word got out that the NYPD's Midtown North Precinct sent letters to Hell's Kitchen bars asking them to discourage SantaCon, NYPD Commissioner Kelly now claims the department is cool with the dreaded event. "This is an event that we support. It’s what makes New York New York," Kelly said during a press conference.

If there's any validity to that, New York City is fucked.

At the very least, he was realistic about SantaCon's issues:

There have been some rowdy activity by a small handful of people in the past. I think that’s why the officers in Midtown North were trying to at least alert the tavern owners in that area. There has been some fighting ... blocking the sidewalk with large numbers of people.

While everyone who dons a santa outfit isn't a fight or projectile vomit-episode waiting to happen, SantaCon isn't something folks look forward to. For that reason, the city should not proudly claim it.

[via Gothamist]