For some, picking up a new video game console can bring on a wide variety of emotions. The anxiety of getting into a long line to wait for a system that might be sold out, spontaneous fights breaking out and any assortment of mix-ups can haunt a thirsty gamer who's ready to pick up their holy grail. 

Throughout its televised run, the Maury Show has been the go-to spot for insane emotional eruption. That's why Maury is the perfect visual expression of the extremes that afflict gamers everywhere. For the PlayStation 4 launch in particular, fans have been tortured with non-stop hype and pre-order demands. While it may seem like a sure thing, life still has a way of throwing curveballs like sever failiures and oversold units that inspire these Reactions to the PlayStation 4 Launch According to Maury Animated GIFs. Not to say that it's all emotional devastation, there are moments like seeing the glorious PlayStation logo appear on the TV screen for the first time. Let's be honest though, the crushers are more fun to watch. 

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