What better way to end a Thursday afternoon than to watch a new commercial helmed by Martin Scorsese? I can't really think of one right now, so it's our lucky day that a new commercial Scorsese just so happened to produce for Dolce & Gabbana's The One fragrance was released today. He even enlisted Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey (who will be seen in Scorsese's next movie, The Wolf of Wall Street) to star in it.

The visuals are stunning, of course—in the two-and-a-half-minute commercial, we're introduced to Johansson and McConaughey, two movie stars and ex-lovers who meet up to reminisce in NYC before Scar.Jo has to jet off to Sydney for a new movie. There's a lot of beautiful shots of New York laced in with Scar.Jo and McConaughey's scenes, which alone makes the video worth at least a watch. It has nothing to do with perfume, of course, but they swear that this is a perfume commercial so I guess we should all believe them.

You can check it out above.

[via Jezebel]