Richard Curtis has inadvertently played Cupid a million times. He's given men inspiration for grand romantic gestures and talked couples down from their high—the result of so many movies, surely—expectations of each other. Even if you don't recognize the English director by name, you know his movies: Four Weddings and a FuneralNotting Hill, Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually, and About Time, which is in theaters now.

If you've found your love on the rocks, and especially strained this holiday season, revisit some of Richard Curtis's classics for tips on how to not screw up your relationship.

To at least get her to like you, no matter what she says, tell her she's perfect. "Am I too fat?" "No, you're perfect." "Do you think I was too mean?" "No, you're perfect."

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Emotions show strength. Shedding tears over every little crack in the sidewalk shows insanity.

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If your girl likes something you know nothing about, fake it until you can learn everything about it, too.

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In the meantime, do anything in your power to make her laugh.

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Make sure your partner knows where you want this to go.

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It's cool to admit you want to take it slow, as long as you're not a dick about it. 

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Don't cheat. 

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But if you're stupid and already have, at least make some effort to show you're still invested in them.

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Dancing out of no where is always romantic. It doesn't even matter if the subway station smells like pee. 


Also, stamina in bed is underrated. No one likes to snog a lazy lay.

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Don't break plans, even if you aren't prepared for what the date actually is.

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Cheesy lines work, but don't overuse them. It diminshes the effect and makes you seem like a stage-five clinger.

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But sometimes it's better to just smile and not say anything.

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Appearance is half the battle of maintaining a passionate relationship.

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As in, don't let your mom dress you for a date.

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But at least look presentable. 

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Always know what your lady wants from the bar.

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Kissing is the greatest form of foreplay (besides the actual greatest form of foreplay that they can't show in movies that aren't rated NC-17).

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The most basic rule: accept that a person's shittiness is part of who they are.

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Finally, sucker punch any and all competition. Obviously.

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