Judd Apatow to Direct Amy Schumer's "Train Wreck"

Judd Apatow to Direct Amy Schumer's "Train Wreck"Image via Comedy Central

After his polarizing last directorial effort, This Is 40, Judd Apatow's setting his sights on a redemption project of sorts: Universal's Train Wreck, written by and starring Comedy Central darling Amy Schumer.

The film will tell the story of a woman (Schumer) struggling to get her life back on track. Pretty vague, sure, but that's really all that's known about the project. Well, that and the fact that Schumer and Apatow are currently fielding talent to take on supporting roles, which means nothing until casting news is actually announced. 

His involvement as producer on Lena Dunham's Girls aside, this is the first time Apatow will direct a movie led by a woman, which will be a departure from the usual bromances he's known for. 

There is one thing you can count on though: Coming from Schumer, the comedy's going to be some kind of ratchet laugh fest.


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