Why go outside and get trampled by hoardes of sale-hungry shoppers on Black Friday when you can stay inside, nurse your tryptophan hangover, and watch Jennifer Lawrence adorably recite Rob Ford's now infamous crack speech? Exactly—there's no reason! So, it's your lucky day, because that is exactly what happens in this new Late Show With David Letterman video.

In a segment called "The Statement," a group of celebrities including Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Martha Stewart, Vince Vaugn, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson all read disgraced Toronto mayor Ford's admission to smoking crack, Ken Burns-style, against a green screen library setting. If you didn't think that anything could make Ford's speech—in which he says he "probably" tried crack in one of his "drunken stupors"—adorable, be prepared to be proven wrong by Lawrence. That girl could probably read a detailed synopsis of The Human Centipede and make it sound like a slapstick rom com.

You can check out the clip above.

[via Business Insider]