With less than four days left before Microsoft drops the Xbox One on an eager and waiting public, it's been reported that Microsoft will be 58 consoles light on launch day.

Local Memphis news outlet, WMCT-TV, has reported that a robbery took place on November 13, a week before the U.S. launch of the Xbox One. One arrest has been made, Karlen Ingram, 31, is facing theft and false reports charges after prosecutors said he lied to police.

"Investigators believe Ingram is only one of many people who purchased the stolen Xbox One systems," According to WMCT-TV. Let's see, that's 58 consoles, at $500 each, which comes out to just under $30,000. Good to know that a truckload full of video game consoles is equivalent to a college degree.

This story comes one day after the report of an Orlando, Flordia man being shot and killed over a PlayStation 4. 

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(Via WMCT-TV, Kotaku)