Rebel Wilson kept it real at last night's premiere of her new ABC sitcom Super Fun Night, a sitcom about three nerdy friends who make a pact to live up every weekend night to the fullest. Hosted by Cosmopolitan magazine, the event featured a Q&A session between the publication's editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, and the 27-year-old Aussie actress. While the pair discussed the idea for the series—Wilson and her sister Liberty used to host their own "Friday Fun Night," which involved copious amounts of movies and candy—it was her candidness about the inner workings of network television that captivated the audience.

Wilson recalled an early audition for Mike and Molly, during which show creator Chuck Lorre told her "There's the door," kicking her out for her improvised jokes. Taking personal advice from Amy Poehler, who told her "If you want any kind of role that's half decent, you should create it yourself," Wilson created Super Fun Night.

When CBS passed on the series, the show eventually landed at ABC. While she's grateful that the sitcom found a home, Wilson did express frustration at network TV processes, explaining how she'd have to fight for certain lines and scenes to air. One in particular that made the cut after her persistence is a scene in the first episode of the series, in which Wilson struggles to put on spanx. Network execs feared that the viewers would be able to see her vajay. Don't worry, you can't.

"[A joke you see on television] might have been shit because there might've been 50 people who said 'I don't like that,'" Wilson says. 

Watching the premiere episode, which follows Wilson's Kimmie Boubier (purposely named so Wilson can crack boob jokes) and her pals Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) and Marika (Lauren Ash) to a piano bar, it's difficult not to wish the series had been picked up by Comedy Central or FX instead. It's funny, but it's safe. Safe in a way that doesn't feel natural, in a way that feels contrived. You can't help but wonder how much funnier the series would be if ABC would just let her make those Jesus jokes she mentions during Q&A.

The Australian actress chocks up her honesty to the fact that "Australians have a candid nature." For a girl who admits she went into showbiz after hallucinating an acceptance rap at the Oscars when she had malaria at 18, you'd expect nothing less.

And speaking of rap...

"I really like Drake right now," Wilson says, before singing for us a snippet of "Started From the Bottom," which you can hear below.

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