As if Pretty Little Liars fans didn't have enough to obsess over, tonight at 10 p.m., ABC Family is premiering its spinoff series Ravenswood. Brought to you by the creators of PLL, the series will follow PLL's Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn), better known as Hanna's (Ashley Benson) doting tech-savvy boyfriend (for now), as he tries to undo a fatal curse that's holding him and four other teenage strangers captive in the gloomy town of Ravenswood. Unlike its parent series, Ravenswood promises spooks and supernatural occurences—not just attractive people with knives running around trying to kill each other.

Don't assume any barriers to entry, new viewer—you don't need to catch up on four seasons of PLL to get started on Ravenswood. But if you're curious as to how the show set the stage for its spinoff in the first place, we've got you. This is The Pretty Little Liars' Road to Ravenswood.

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