In case you haven't heard (or were trying to ignore this news), Justin Bieber made it rain with Floyd Mayweather at a Houston-area strip club this past weekend. It was all chronicled on Twitter by one stripper at the club, Diamond, who posted about how she almost fainted Bieber touched her ass—and like with anything Bieber-related, shortly after she made the posts, she became the target of death threats and Internet hate from Bieber's legions of fans, Beliebers, who still hold the deluded notion that they may one day date Justin Bieber.

In an effort to learn more, VH1's The Gossip Table reached out to Diamond to get all the details, including how she met Bieber, how he made it rain with his "entourage," and about just how soft his hands are. Spoiler alert: Apparently, his hands are very soft.

The Gossip Table also covered Amanda Bynes progress in rehab, and just how well her recovery is going. To get the full story, head on over to VH1 at the link below.

The Justin Bieber Stripper Tells All

[via VH1]