Sooooooo…Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Justin Bieber really are BFFs, huh? It's not just an act they put on before Money May's fights.

According to numerous reports—and one stripper's Twitter feed—Mayweather and Bieber spent Saturday night and early Sunday morning kicking it in Houston. First, they went to a nightclub called Nox. And then, they made their way over to the V Live International Gentlemen's Club. And the stripper that we mentioned above, a girl who goes by the name Diamond, tweeted all about it a short time later:

This is what the guys left behind, according to Diamond:

You can check out a photo of Mayweather and Bieber chilling in the strip club in the thumbs gallery above. Looks like they had a hell of a weekend together.

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[via Houston Chronicle]

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