Japan is famous for lots of things: anime, the PlayStation, Resident Evil 6, and most importantly, lots and lots of robots.

From the very real ASIMO to the hundreds of thousands of interpretations of mechs, transformers, and Voltrons. So grab your colored jumpsuit and get behind the control panel of your red lion, because we're going to fucking space. Japan is currently in the process of mounting a kinetic weapons platform onto the Hayabusa-2 space vehicle. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA for short, which already sounds like a combiner robot, will use the weapon to gather data about the composition of  asteroid 1999JU3.

Since much of the data can't simply be obtained from surface data, the Japanese are going to blow a big fucking hole into that asteroid. 

"The space cannon is to be mounted on the Hayabusa-2 vehicle, which will carry it to the asteroid, which orbits between Earth and Mars. This is essentially a kinetic impact weapon that relies on an explosive charge to launch a 4lb slug into the surface. The spacecraft will release the weapon, allowing it to float downward while it takes cover on the opposite side of 1999JU3."

Watch the video to see how JAXA plans to pull this massive undertaking off.

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(Via Geek.Com)