If you wondered why Battlefield 3’s graphics had such a discrepancy between PC and console releases, it’s because DICE doesn’t want to streamline their flagship series so that it can run equally on all platforms.

That may sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. In a recent interview with OXM UK, the EA developer said that the goal is to make sure that the game shines on every platform, playing to its strengths”

"It was like, you should compare it to other games on the same platform,” Battlefield executive producer Patrick Bach said in the interview, recalling Battlefield 3’s backlash over the difference in graphical fidelity between PC and console games.” People said, 'OK but still – why doesn't it look as good as on PC? You don't care about the consoles.”

Bach said setting the bar so that Battlefield 4 runs at the same level on both current and next-gen would be taking “the coward’s way out.”

“That's not who we are. We want to do our best with the hardware,” he said.

Given DICE’s extreme focus on graphical prowess – Battlefield 4 looks to set an early benchmark for next-gen graphics, while even older games like Mirror’s Edge visually hold up remarkably well to this day – the news isn’t surprising.

Would you want to play a Battlefield that looked the same in either console generation? I’d bet EA is banking on the answer to that being a resounding “no”.