Pokemon's First Appearance: Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow

Zapdos topping three legendary bird Pokemon and three legendary dog Pokemon makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Granted, Zapdos going against Suicune would be interesting since they both have attacks for one of each other's weaknesses, and they both have a base stat total of 580. We obviously think that Zapdos would win because its speed is better than Suicune's, and Electric attacks sound much more displeasing than Ice attacks. And Zapdos against Raikou? No contest. At least Zapdos would be able to take advantage of Raikou's weakness to Ground attacks. Raikou can't learn any attacks to take advantage of Zapdos' weakness to Rock and Ice attacks. Sure, Zapdos doesn't have a great assortment of moves, but it's an electrified powerhouse for sure.