Pokemon's First Appearance: Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow

Who would've known that underneath Magikarp's uselessness was a half Dragon, half Water monster that serves as one of Pokemon's most vicious creatures? Gyarados is awesome for so many reasons. From its appearance to its assortment of attacks (Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Blizzard, Thunder, Fire Blast) Gyarados is undeniably powerful. (It has a 540 base stat total.) But its biggest setback is that it's very weak against Thunder attacks, taking four times more damage than other types of attacks. So, how does Gyarados win over Dragonite? Gyarados can learn attacks for two of Dragonite's weaknesses, including its weakness against Ice. Dragonite can only learn attacks for one of Gyarados' weaknesses. From Magikarp to Gyarados: started from the bottom now we here.