A perverted couple was arrested in North Carolina yesterday and charged with a litany of unspeakable acts such as bestiality after authorities got wind of home videos depicting sex acts with dogs.

Two weeks ago, the cybercrimes division of police department in Fairfax, Va. reached out to law enforcement officials in Raeford, N.C. after obscene videos made by Ruben and Amber Fox appeared online. The videos were apparently made by the couple at their home, then shared using one of the many vile websites on the Internet. The show officially ended on Friday, as hard drives and recording equipment were seized from the couple's home. Furthermore, several animals—two dogs and three cats—were taken from the home.

Fox—a soldier at Fort Bragg's  82nd Airborne Division—and his wife were also charged with conspiracy and disseminating obscene materials. Amber Fox received an additional charge for soliciting a crime against nature. 

[via Gawker]