It's expensive as hell to live in New York City, but that proved to be nothing to a recent college graduate who purchased a $250,000 apartment in Manhattan. To Polly Mosendz, it's really not a big deal, because she's just a "normal 20-something." One that dropped a quarter-mill on an apartment just a few months after graduation. 

In a piece she penned for the New York Observer, she explained that had been paying $2,000 a month for an Alphabet City apartment when she realized she was wasting her money. So, she bossed up and made an investment. But where they hell does a 22-year-old get that type of cash? It sure as hell doesn't grow on trees:

After calculating my purchase price based on a monthly payment of $2,000, I realized a small purchase was feasible and a sound investment. With some $50,000 in the bank—a nest egg from my family augmented by savings that I’d stashed away by working in retail since the age of 14—I settled on a budget of approximately $250,000 and began searching listings and seeking real estate agencies and brokers.

Apparently, it gets that nice when you live that life. Congrats, Ms. Mosendz on your good fortune and future investments. Build that equity.

[via Gawker]