The ten-alarm fire that destroyed most of the New Jersey Shore boardwalk that had been rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy was an accident. According to the New York Times, investigators have determined that faulty electrical wiring and the superstorm itself were the factors, ruling out any foul play. 

Yesterday, local authorities said that the wiring was damaged by water and sand from last fall's storm. Joseph D. Coronato, prosecutor for Ocean County, announced plans to cease a criminal investigation after a group of investigators composed of local, state and federal authorities "unanimously determined" that the fire was started unintentionally. 

The blaze began near a Kohr's frozen custard stand last Thursday, and winds of up to 30 miles per hour carried it across the boardwalk, destroying everything in its wake. The Times says witnesses recalled the flames strengtheninng near points where the sand had been moved by Hurricane Sandy.

[via New York Times]