The iPhone will be getting a lot of love during Apple's big announcement tomorrow, but let's take a look at something the company may be officially announcing in just a few weeks time: the new iPad and iPad Mini.

Sonny Dickson, an Apple parts collector of sorts, has posted newly leaked images of both new models of the iPad and iPad Mini on his website. Dickson obtained the parts to the bodies and put them together to compare and contrast them to their current versions. If these parts are authentic, we can see that the new iPad is sleeker and looks far more portable than past versions. In all, the iPad would be two-thirds of an inch narrower than its last incarnation, and will have slim side bezels, a la the iPad mini. The iPad Mini looks somewhat the same, but now has a strange flap atop its backplate—which may or may not be in the final product. (Unless it adds to the functionality of the device, this addition seems rather pointless.) 

Check out a picture of the alleged new iPad Mini below (more here), and more of the iPad 5th generation above.

[via The Verge]