If you weren't excited for Homefront yet, here are a few little facts about the film that you should keep in mind before viewing the above trailer: It's based off the novel by Chuck Logan, but the screenplay was written by Sylvester Stallone. James Franco stars as a meth dealer named Gator, who is asked by a rail-thin Kate Bosworth to scare Jason Statham and his family after Jason Statham's daughter beats up her son (who is kind of an asshole and deserved it).

Plot twist, though! Jason Statham is an ex-undercover cop, though, who can probably kill someone with his pinky. Everyone in the town seems creepy, too, and when Franco subtly threatens Jason Statham's daughter, shit gets real. Winona Ryder is involved, too. 

Now, watch the above trailer, and tell me you're not excited about this movie. Since you're so excited, also note: It's set to hit theaters nationwide on November 27th.

[via Vulture]