It sounds disgusting, but a new study alleges that fecal transplants are the future of weight loss. A study of conducted by Washington University School of Medicine scientists said that the microbes found in the feces of slimmer people can help combat obesity and facilitate weight loss:

In the test, four sets of twins—one obese, the other not—gave the doctors fecal samples just teeming with all the lovely, intestine-dwelling microbes you could hope for. The scientists then transplanted the samples into mice bred to have no gut microbes of their own and found that the samples of thin lady poop made mice maintain a healthy weight, while the obese twins' defecatory goodies made mice gain weight

Additional tests allowed scientists to identify Bacteroides as the active microbe, and it was far more common in thinner women. Still, there's no way to know whether or not this treatment will work until it's tested on humans.

[via Gizmodo]